Membership Policy

Singleton U3A Incorporated

Membership Policy

The minimum age for membership of the Singleton U3A shall be 45 years.

The age limit of 45 years is in accordance with the NSW U3A Network resource material dated 15 October 2019 and titled “Suggested Constitution for Local NSW U3As”.

Honorary membership may be granted to a person under 45 years of age after application to the Committee. Honorary membership has no minimum age.


Membership Sub Committee

The Singleton U3A Committee determines in accordance with Clause 25 of the Singleton U3A Incorporated Constitution to delegate to the Membership Sub Committee the approval or rejection of membership applications based on a unanimous decision of the Sub Committee.

The Membership Sub Committee shall comprise the following office bearers:-

The President

The Treasurer

The Course Coordinator

Should the decision by the Membership Sub Committee not be unanimous then the membership application is to be referred to the full Committee for determination.

The Membership Sub Committee may utilise electronic means to distribute, hold discussions on and caste votes on a membership application.

Honorary Membership

Any member of the Singleton U3A Association may make a written submission to the Singleton U3A Association Secretary nominating a person for Honorary membership in accordance with Clause 4 (6) of the Singleton U3A Incorporated Constitution. Such submission must indicate:

  • the benefits to the Association of granting Honorary membership and
  • the courses to which the Honorary member should be admitted.

The Secretary shall forward any submission for Honorary membership to the Committee for determination. Honorary membership may be conferred when the Committee agrees that the conferring of Honorary membership will provide a benefit to and be in the best interests of Singleton U3A.Membership fees for Honorary members will be at the discretion of the Committee.


Reviewing and approving this policy
Frequency Person responsible Approval
Every 2 years Secretary Committee
Policy review and version tracking
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1 September 2021 Committee September 2023